Join me as I discuss optimizing one’s career and benefits in the Military Reserves while on a path to FI and the benefits that go along with this Ultimate side hustle.  You will find beneficial information related to each of these topics (and others) that will stand alone because the concepts overlap with other areas. Plus, I’d just run out of things to write about if I only wrote about such a narrow topic as the shade of color of the White House on September 23, 1987.  You’ll also find a bit of my dry humor and hopefully a good pun or two (I have an unhealthy appreciation for a good dad joke).    

I’ll also discuss one of my favorite pastimes; travel (38+ countries and all 50 states).  Of course, the themes will be budget and optimization.

Additionally, I’ll share my learning and experiences around health and longevity.  Fitness has been a mandatory aspect of my entire adult life (thanks military!) I’ll also discuss longevity, because you aren’t reading a blog about retiring early with plans to die early.  No! We want to squeeze the most out this life as possible! I will also apply my optimization lens to this. I’m a big fan of the Pareto principle of 80/20 and apply this to everything in my life.  So I’ll share with you the 20 percent of things I do to increase my health by 80%. If you did everything you were “supposed” to do to be healthy, you’d have no time for anything else, and then what’s the point!  

But why listen to me?  

While I like to think I hide it well, I am a pretty big nerd at heart (I love to play Magic the Gathering).  This means you get to take advantage of my desire to spend my early mornings drinking a good cup of coffee and researching things I want to know more about on the internet, distilling out the 20% most effective aspects, thinking about it in the shower, and consolidating it here.  And umm…I have umm… like experience and education and stuff?

I spent 9+ years in the Minnesota Army National Guard as a 19K (M1 Abram tanker, the most fun you’ll ever get paid to have) with deployments to Bosnia (YAY!) and Iraq (not yay).  I’ve spent the last 10+ years in the Air Force Reserve as mostly a medic and recently as an aspiring geospatial intelligence analyst (see, I even have intelligence in a job title, definitely gotta hear me out).  

Even though I spent an excessive amount of time with the military despite my pre 9/11 recruiter telling me it’s “only one weekend a month and two weeks a year”, it has only been my part time job.  Well what did you do in “real life” you ask? Well, I was a Deputy Sheriff in what I call the “Rural Metro” Minneapolis area for about 8 years. Technically a “metro” county but I dealt with cows in the roadway on more than one occasion.  I won’t be sharing much from that experience, it was surprisingly dull.

I have since moved on to get an MBA with one of my 4 concentrations (or considerations as I call them) in Management Science and now work in Process Improvement in Health Care.  So I basically help people and processes become more optimal through Lean concepts and Six Sigma all day. Lucky for you I like to apply these concepts to my own life while on the path to FI and will share with you.  I’ll probably (definitely) throw in a bunch of excel graphs, charts, and nerdy mathematical optimization calculations for you all.

So Join me as I journey over the next few years into the life of FIRE (or Barista fire, leveraging the military).  

MacDill Air Force Base Beach