On Fixies, Bartering, Bike Commuting

When I first heard about the fixed gear “fixie” bike (that is, a bicycle that doesn’t change gears where the pedals are linked directly to the rear tire so one can never stop pedaling while the bike is moving) I thought “that is the stupidest bike ever, why would anyone want that?”  But I’m not one to knock something without trying it. Fast forward a couple of years to when I have talked to several fixie owners and watched a documentary on it.  Now I’m thinking, ok I see why some people like it. Not long later, while studying a triathlon training book,…


The Productive Workout

Be more like Forrest Gump. If you're going somewhere, you should be running! Having spent my whole life in Minnesota (except when deployed), I’ve never been a fan of shoveling snow. The one year I had the luxury of a working snow blower was also the year we barely got any snow. I recently changed my perspective on shoveling snow and most chores in general. Now, instead of getting bundled up as if I’m going out into the cold, I get dressed as if I were going to go for a run in the cold. Instead of shoveling snow as usual, I do…

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