How to Make Chief in the Air Force Part 1

I’ve developed a secret formula for making rank in the Air Force.  If you are in a different branch, or a civilian you can skip to part 2, the principles there apply to all.  Unfortunately, this segment is only applicable to Air Force, because every branch has its own standards. I’ve been too long gone from the Army to accurately create a list for it.   The secret formula is actually quite simple: Superstar in person + Superstar on paper = Chief material.   I know, a lot easier said than done. First of all, what makes me qualified to coach people to…


How to Make Chief Part 2

Today we’ll continue our segment on how to make Chief.  The first installment covered the first part of the equation; becoming a superstar on paper.  This installment will cover the second half of the secret formula; becoming a superstar in person.  These are all suggestions I have used in myself and have found valuable in my own career. I feel that they are pretty common sense for the most part, but sometime we need a little reminder to do the things we should be doing.   My first tidbit of advice is to BE PUNCTUAL.  Actually, you should be early…to everything. Get to…

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