Hobby Selection Matrix

If you’re like me you have more hobbies and interests than you have time or money to actually do in this lifetime.  Therefore, we must prioritize how we will spend our leisure time.  I’ve created a more objective approach to deciding by creating a WEIGHTED MATRIX in Excel.  A weighted matrix is simply a multiplication of criteria of an activity against its subjective value to you. 

This idea came from a choosefi.com article.  I expanded upon it by adding a category for relationships and creating the excel matrix. 

Filling the matrix out is straight forward, simply follow the instructions.  The scoring definitions can be adapted to suit your needs.  For example, cost might not be an issue to you so you could just add a 0 to each category.  You can also decide how you factor in start up costs.  You could ignore it if you already have the equipment or amortize it monthly over the lifetime of you doing the hobby.  Up to you.  For networking, if sometimes you could do the activity alone and sometimes with friends decide which is more likely or preferred. 

You can use this to narrow down your current hobbies or weigh a new hobby against your current ones.  The final numbers are not absolute and you must still apply your own judgement.  This is just a comparative perspective for you to use.  For example, reading scores fairly low for me but it’s not something I’m going to give up.  I did end up selling my snowboard after completing this though.

Another example use for this tool would be for me to complete the criteria rankings for my wife’s preferred activities to help determine which of her activities I could consider taking up to spend more quality time together.   

Please let me know if you have any feedback in the comments below.  Enjoy! 

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