The Productive Workout

Be more like Forrest Gump. If you’re going somewhere, you should be running! Having spent my whole life in Minnesota (except when deployed), I’ve never been a fan of shoveling
snow. The one year I had the luxury of a working snow blower was also the year we barely got any snow.
I recently changed my perspective on shoveling snow and most chores in general. Now, instead of
getting bundled up as if I’m going out into the cold, I get dressed as if I were going to go for a run in the
cold. Instead of shoveling snow as usual, I do it as quickly as I can and get my heart rate up. So instead
of being a chore, shoveling snow has become one of my workouts for the day. This saves me from
having to do both my chore and a workout at the gym plus I get the shoveling of the snow done faster
than I would normally have.
I now apply this philosophy to almost all chores I do. For example, I get dressed as if going for a run
before I mow the lawn and do it as fast as I can (or at least as fast as the mower can handle). I also do
this for raking leaves or weeding the garden. One activity I started doing recently is actually chopping
wood. This is a popular motion to mimic in the gym, but why not do it for real and have some actual
split wood to heat your home with at the end of the workout. (This just gave me an idea; I’ll open a gym
where people pay me to chop wood and do other chores!) People didn’t need to go to the gym back in
the day because staying alive was enough of a work out. Why not bring a little bit of that back? Plus it
throws a little variety in your workout besides just picking up weights and putting them back down.
Another category I apply this philosophy to is moving. I have a sister who has moved several times in
recent years (and she owns a piano). Naturally I’m there to help, but now instead of dreading it, I just
look at is as my workout for the day. There’s lots of heaving lifting, good cardio carrying boxes, and I
usually get a free meal out of the deal. I always volunteer to help friends move, you get your workout in
and they get their stuff moved, plus you look like a star for doing it so quickly (and again, there’s usually
free food and beer involved).

Working harder and faster on physical activities not only makes your chores get done more quickly, giving you more time to live in the present, but the extra physical exertion will make you healthier and lead to a longer life (according to some studies).
How could (or have) you implement the productive workout into your everyday life?

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  1. We get a ton of snow in my area of New England, and we treat snow shoveling the same way. I am originally from Michigan, back then it was more of a chore. Pretty amazing how perspective changes as you get older.

    “Staying alive was enough of a workout” – I love it!

    Take care!


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