Travel Hacking with the USO

Why do we have to have 6am flights?  And why do they always have to be the cheapest?  This makes me glad, having become a morning person after half a lifetime in the military.  But my wife…not so much.  The night before I just go to go to bed at 9pm and get up at 3am to catch the flight – a solid 6 hours of sleep.   My wife’s sleep pattern has her getting tired around midnight or later – leaving 1-3 hour of sleep, and a not fun day of travel. 

Enter the USO.  For those unaware, the USO (United Service Organization) is a non-profit that does wonderful many things for our military members to include USO centers in Airports (think Delta lounge).  Just another amazing perk for being in the military. 

Some USOs even have sleeping quarters for military members who get stuck at an airport overnight – or have an early morning flight the next day.  When our FI plans dictate us to nab that 6am flight to save hundreds of dollars, well we do.  For our upcoming 6am flight we will end up heading to the airport late the night prior, check in, and settle in at the USO (inside security at our local airport).  In the morning we wake up around 5am, have a light breakfast provided by the USO for free, and casually stroll down to our gate and get right on the plane.  The whole while being grateful we aren’t standing in the mile long line of people waiting to check their bags hoping they make it through security in time to grab an overpriced coffee before getting on the plane.   

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