Why You Should Consider Disc Golf

 If you’re not familiar with Disc Golf it’s a game similar to regular golf except one uses a specialized Frisbee and instead of putting it in a hole in the ground you have to throw it into a unique basket that has a series of chains for catching the disc.  You can learn more about it at www.pdga.com (Yes, there is a professional disc golf association)

I’ve been playing disc golf casually for about 8 years now.  I think it was my cousin who first introduced me but the real accreditation goes to my good friend Dave who is a disc golf nut and got me out almost every day and across several states.   

If looking at the covers of magazines at the checkout in the grocery store tells me anything, it’s that people love numbers, so here you go, the top 6 reasons why you should consider Disc Golf and the reason it scores highly on my hobby selection matrix:

  1.  IT’S INEXPENSIVE!  If you have read any of my other posts you know how frugal I am.  I can fully endorse the low cost of disc golf.  So much that I could say it would be possible for you to play this game every single day for free!  It is possible to play with a single disc (and do well, as Dave has proven with a 7 under par on a par 36!)  Discs range in price from $5-25 each, depending on what you’re after.  I will still say it can be done for free because if you hook up with any disc golf enthusiast they probably have 54 discs that they found or don’t use anymore that they’ll gladly give you just to get you hooked (like a drug dealer does).  As for the courses themselves, I’d say about 80+ percent are absolutely free!  Most are municipal run parks that are free for everyone to use.  The courses that do charge are generally only $3-5.  Many of those offer very reasonable season passes.  Much more reasonable than old man golf, I don’t think you can buy a single golf ball for $3 anymore and it’s much harder to lose a disc (although not at all impossible).  
  1. IT’S EXERCISE!  That’s right, apparently just walking around is better exercise than watching TV.  Depending on your fitness level you may find it harder or easier than others.  As a fit guy myself, I will often throw my disc and then jog or run to it.  Depending on how well you throw, you can get a solid couple of miles of off road sprint training with some hills in there.  Not a bad workout even for me.  
  1. IT’S OUTDOORS!  I’ll gladly hop on any opportunity to spend some time outside.  The courses are often located in beautiful parks.  For example, Bryant disc golf course in Eden Prairie, MN (one of my favorites!) has had over 1 million dollars invested in landscaping alone and much of the course sits on a hill overlooking Lake Bryant itself.  
  1. IT’S SOCIAL!  With our busy lives I find that often the most time I spend with my friends is when we meet up on the disc golf course.  A solid 18 holes of disc golf gives us a good hour and a half of time to chat and catch up on life.  I’ve also met a handful of interesting people on the courses over the years.
  1. IT’S EVERYWHERE!  Chances are you live near a disc golf course or five and don’t even know it.  They are often tucked away in secret locations.  The best way to find one near you is www.discgolfcoursereview.com.  It’s a great website with maps and reviews of every course on the planet (including the one in Antarctica.)  Dave and I have used this website on our many road trips across the US (mostly thanks to the Air Force) to take a driving break in great places such as Birmingham, Alabama and the middle of Nebraska.  
  1. IT’S SIMPLE!  No confusing rules, no real skill required.  You just throw a disc, pick it up and repeat.  You’re probably not going to be as awesome as Dave your first time (It’s like he is flying his discs with a remote control.)  As long as you’re having fun it doesn’t really matter how many throws it takes you (I often don’t even count).  

So now that you know what you’re missing out on you can go to most any sporting goods store, pick up a disc or 3 and get out there.  Better yet, just hop on Facebook and put a generic message that you want to try disc golfing and be surprised at the number of your friends who would love to show you the ropes. 

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